Equipment And Time

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Equipment And Time

Most of us have gym memberships that we only use a few times a year or we cancel a few months after signing up. Those who have kids find it even harder to make time to go to the gym before or after work especially if you have kids enrolled in after school programs that you need to take them to. By the time we get home and get dinner ready and the kids to bed we are wiped out. Some of us still have gym memberships that we pay for without knowing it until we check our bank account and realize we are still paying for something we aren’t using. Sometimes we prefer working out in the comfort of our home however, we tend to treat our home program just like the gym membership. We buy multifunctional equipment that takes up a lot of space and after a few uses we store it away to collect dust.

Choosing the right fitness equipment can help you stick with your workout program. Smaller, lighter equipment that’s easy to use and versatile such as resistance bands have become very popular for all fitness levels. Most resistance bands come with a guide showing various exercises so you don’t need to pay for an expensive trainer to show you how to use them. You can also see videos online via YouTube to see more examples of exercises that can be done with the bands. Resistance bands are also very portable and cost effective  generally around $20 or less for a set. 

Before you decide to sign up at your local gym or invest in big, heavy expensive fitness equipment for home use, do a little research and invest in the right equipment. The harder part is finding the time to actually use the equipment. Pick a time were you can focus on your workout without distractions and stick with it. Maybe first thing in the morning you can use the bands for 15 minutes and at night before you go to bed you can do another 15 minutes. Find the right time that works best for you and make it a habit so it becomes routine just like brushing your teeth. Make it a habit. Stay Focused!